Rescue 2 are delighted to have been contracted to provide a 3-5 man continuous team for an entire year – our largest ever ongoing project.

We will be providing a Technical Confined Space and Rope Rescue provision, to cover essential works at a large Waste Water Plant in the South of England, which involves quite complex and technical updates to the facility.

As well as providing the usual tripod and winch systems, our FPOS trained team will also be putting to use their comprehensive rope rescue experience.

Prior to starting the contract, Rescue 2 will be carrying out a staged Rescue gap analysis onsite, to determine the team size required, and to show the client the safest rescue system that we can apply to the site.

Work is scheduled to start at the end of July 2016.

For further info on the services of Rescue 2, or to discuss your Rescue requirements, call us on 01903 871105.