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Rescue provision for tunnelling project

by Emma
Rescue provision for tunnelling

Rescue 2 pride themselves on their ability to provide Technical Rescue solutions for complex high risk projects and scenarios. We recently provided a three man team over a two week period for a new client in London that specialises in tunnelling. The job was to provide Technical and Rope Rescue cover as the tunnel was […]

Rescue 2 win their largest contract to date

by Emma

Rescue 2 are delighted to have been contracted to provide a 3-5 man continuous team for an entire year – our largest ever ongoing project. We will be providing a Technical Confined Space and Rope Rescue provision, to cover essential works at a large Waste Water Plant in the South of England, which involves quite […]

Rescue contracts with Waste Energy sites across South East

by Emma
Energy recycling plant

Rescue 2 have been contracted to provide rolling 3 man teams to provide a Technical Confined Space and Rope Rescue provision, for two major Waste and Energy plants in the South East. The Energy Recovery facilities need to undertake annual maintenance of their big furnaces. (A single boiler processes approx. 100,000 tonnes of non recyclable […]

Fire, Rescue and Paramedic cover for the Film Industry

by Emma
Film Industry Rescue cover

Rescue 2 provide a wide range of services for the Film and Television industries: Paramedic and Medical cover Fire and Rescue cover In-Vision Fire and Ambulance services Risk Assessments Specialist and Confined Space Rescue Rope Rescue Our specialist teams are all front line emergency service personnel with a wealth of real-life experience and qualifications. Rescue […]

Rescue 2 technicians undergo Eye Bolt Installation Training

by Emma

More of our specialist rescue team members are being trained in the installation and testing of Eye Bolts today.  Anyone working at height, or in any potentially dangerous environment where a fall could take place knows that their life could depend on the safe and expert installation of eyebolt and fall protection systems. Our rope rescue […]

Rescue 2 – Rope Rescue Medical Emergency

by Emma
Rescue 2 Rope Rescue teams

Rescue 2 were called into action on a recent assignment to initiate a rescue plan, when a scaffold operative became suddenly ill at the bottom of a 15m wet well, and had to be recovered to safety.  The rescue plan for the medical emergency was implemented and the operative was attached via his harness to […]