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Rope access maintenance at Weir Wood Reservoir

by Emma
Rope access maintenance

One of our Rescue teams have just completed an assignment at Weir Wood Reservoir, East Sussex. The work involved a 12m rope entry into a drained down clarifier hopper, to carry out debris removal which had accumulated at the base, and other basic maintenance tasks. Rescue 2 not only supplied the rescue provision, but additionally […]

Rescue 2 work with emergency services | Confined Space Rescue

by Emma
Emergency Confined Space Rescue

Rescue 2 were called out last week to help with an emergency confined space situation that had occurred at a local Water Treatment Plant in West Sussex. The main contractors at the site called the Rescue 2 office to explain that a contractor had been cleaning out a tank, fallen and badly twisted his knee. […]

Good progress made on Waste Water Rescue contract

by Emma
Rescue team at Waste Water facility

Rescue 2 are working hard on our long term Water industry contract in the South of England. We have two teams working on the project, which is scheduled to continue into 2018. The night shift Rescue team of 3 have received excellent feedback from the client. The teams are working non-stop to ensure the flow […]

Rescue 2 win their largest contract to date

by Emma

Rescue 2 are delighted to have been contracted to provide a 3-5 man continuous team for an entire year – our largest ever ongoing project. We will be providing a Technical Confined Space and Rope Rescue provision, to cover essential works at a large Waste Water Plant in the South of England, which involves quite […]

Rescue2 deal with Medical Emergency during Power Station contract

by Emma
paramedic ambulance

Rescue2 have been busy working on a long term contract at a Power Station in the South West of England, which is undergoing a shutdown for essential maintenance works. The four man team comprises of technical rescue specialists, and an onsite paramedic. They are responsible for the safety of the 300 onsite workers and contractors. […]

Power Station shutdown Rescue and Medical provision

by Emma

Rescue 2 have built a solid reputation over the years, providing technical rescue cover predominantly for the Water services industry.  Due to our recent expansion however, and the addition of paramedic services to the teams, we are now being asked to provide rescue specialists for additional industries, including Power Stations and the Energy market. Power […]

Rescue 2 technicians undergo Eye Bolt Installation Training

by Emma

More of our specialist rescue team members are being trained in the installation and testing of Eye Bolts today.  Anyone working at height, or in any potentially dangerous environment where a fall could take place knows that their life could depend on the safe and expert installation of eyebolt and fall protection systems. Our rope rescue […]