Rescue 2 also provides a Technical Rope Rescue provision, so we are not just reliant on standard basic entry and rescue equipment. We can provide you with technical solutions to safety and rescue problems that many other teams just cannot match.

Our Rescue team members all hold Rope Rescue Technician qualifications as part of our minimum team requirements.

Our rope rescue capabilities allow us to provide a Rescue solution to far more complex scenarios, as well as allowing contractor access to more difficult spaces. We have often provided fall arrest, work restraint and positioning solutions to contractors requiring help with access to their work areas.

We have a huge array of rope rescue equipment at our disposal, including our ‘over edge’ Arizona Vortex system.

Our teams are also qualified and certificated to install and inspect anchor devices (safety harness eyebolts) in accordance with BS EN759, BS 7883:2005 and BS7895:2009. This allows even greater flexibility when working in more complex environments where additional anchorage is required.

For any technical or complex rescue scenario or access solution, Rescue 2 can provide the answer.