Several of our specialist rescue team members have been trained in the installation and testing of Eye Bolts. 

Anyone working at height, or in any potentially dangerous environment where a fall could take place knows that their life could depend on the safe and expert installation of eyebolt and fall protection systems.

Our teams are qualified and certificated to install and inspect anchor devices (safety harness eyebolts) in accordance with BS EN759, BS 7883:2005 and BS7895:2009.

This allows even greater flexibility when working in more complex environments where additional anchorage is required.

Rope access systems

Rope access systems employ two separately secured lines, one as the means of support and the other as a safety back-up for access or egress to and from the workplace, both lines being attached to the user’s harness.

Fall Arrest Systems

Fall Arrest Systems act to arrest a fall and which are used in situations where, if the user loses controlled physical contact with the working surface, there will be a free fall.

These added skills to the Rescue 2 teams capabilities further enhance the comprehensive service we offer our clients, and our ability to provide access and entry to difficult and complex environments.